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Islamic Sexuality: A Civilized Forum

A place for outsiders

Sexually Active Muslims
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All Members , Moderated
*Ubi solitudinem faciunt, pacem appellant*

This is a community for Muslims that are sexually active in ways that are not normally accepted by the Islamic community but can also serve as a forum on sexuality in general INCLUDING pre-marital, homosexual, bisexual, or any other kind of sexual activity.

Although there are many forums on Islam in general, there are very few that deal specifically with the issue of sexuality in Islam, especially pre-marital sexual activity and relationships.

The purpose of this community is not to flame or to degrade other individuals; rather, it is to be a forum for intelligent discussion on a topic that has been very widely thought about but never really dicussed, even from the days of the Prophet Muhammed.

All posts are maintained or deleted at my discretion. Any crude or obscene material will be immediately deleted and the poster shall be banned from the community. Please be tasteful. All members should use common courtesy and respect. Debate is welcome, but trolling is not. Any hateful commentary is un-Islamic, rude, and will be deleted.

Additionally, other topics of interest may be discussed, but will be deleted if they stray to far from the topic.