No Love Lost (nolovelost) wrote in pardesi,
No Love Lost

a call for writers

i'm only testing the waters here right now to see if there's any interests and if it's feasible.

i'd like to put together a book of a collection of writings from arab-americans, arabs and muslims who are lesbians, bi, transgendered. if there's not enough interests from women i'll consider opening it up to men as well. i just thought since there's at least a couple of books out there that pertain to muslim men more and none that i can find that pertain to the women.

so if you like to write, it can be short stories or poems or whatever really and you're interested, let me know. like i said, i'm only in the phase of seeing if i have enough interest to move forward with this. once i do, i'll try to find interested parties that could publish it. if not, i might go more DIY with it. and from there we'll get the stories in and have editors go over them.

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